Saturday 26 of November, 2022
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A Taste of Thailand at InterContinental CityStars

The InterContinental Hotel Group's Chef Ian Kittichai has created a limited-time truly Thai menu for the InterContinental CityStars' Esplanade, and we were among the first to try it...

Staff Writer

Constantly upping their culinary game, the CityStars InterContinental invited us over to Esplanade, their international cuisine hub, to try some tantalising Thai creations. They've recently acquired a set menu by world-class chef and culinary ambassador Ian Kittichai who was able to catapult us right to the heart of Thailand where we treated our taste buds to something we'd like to call a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious experience. The first chef to take over in the InterContinental Hotel Group's Culinary Ambassador programme, Chef Kittichai's exquisite food and his exclusive menu will be available until September 27th.

We were offered two options to start: Tom Yum soup or crispy cornflake-crusted fish dumpling. As much as the fish dumpling appealed to us, we chose the Tom Yum as we're enthralled by Thai food. We smelled the bowl from half way across the place as the waiter approached. That's when we debated how spicy it would be, and the waiter told us it's "Thai-spicy." We didn't get what he said so we decided to see for ourselves. We took a spoonful and at first, it stung us a bit but left a sweet residue on our tongues after which, we couldn't stop, man. We just couldn't stop.

For the main course we had another dilemma choosing between grilled lamb with Thai holy basil and the three-flavoured deep fried sea bass. The sea bass with its three flavours sounded very intriguing but we decided to go with the lamb. It came, it got devoured in minutes, it left us pleased and satisfied. It just jumped out of the plate to our mouths. It had the perfect texture thanks to sweet Thai sauce it was marinated in, and went perfectly with the Beausoleil white wine our waiter recommended. 

For dessert we opted for the banana cake in coconut sauce which was quite innovative to be honest. It had the perfect balance between oh-boy-this-is-too-sweet and oh-my-god-give-me-more and our sweet tooth couldn't be more grateful.

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