Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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A Very French Sohour With Foulatysme

Late night sohour cravings are starting to kick in and nothing quite suffices like a good ol' Oriental foul cart. But, this time, en Français.

Staff Writer

You’ve just had iftar, and the fatigue is taking over. 'No, I will not sleep with you!' you think, pointed towards your comfy duvets as they seduce you to a Sleeping Beauty nap – sans the Prince Charming part, because not even making out with Jared Leto could pull you out from your deep slumber. You decide to go out for some productive post-iftar shenanigans, yet you end up somewhere in Zamalek looking for the perfect red velvet konafa – that's when you realise that you, in fact, spent 99.999 per cent of Ramadan eating.

You come to terms with the fact that you’re the human version of Garfield, or that you might be pregnant, and settle with the same old mango konafa, but it just doesn’t cut it. It’s now 2 AM and you're no longer in Zamalek; you’re in Heliopolis. You’re craving something Oriental – y’know, those you can only find at a hidden 3arabeyet foul run by a guy who always happens to be named 3am Sayed. But your food-baby-belly can no longer hold much more pressure and you’re inches away from bursting. Who do you call? Foulatysme!

Well, you don’t really call them… You just head over to their cart located somewhere around here in Masaken Sheraton because they don’t deliver yet. But you get the point. Put together by five university students – Ali Kassab, Yehia Eissa, Abdelrahman Morgan, Seif Assal, and Mohamed El Ghoul – who found themselves hanging out at an ahwa sometime last year when the hopes of making it big in the 3arabeyet foul business struck them. Surprisingly, breaking into the business is not cheap whatsoever. It estimates up to 16,000 LE worth of basic investments to open up a cart, let alone run it while affording to keep the paycheques running.

But what’s up with the weird name? We spoke to one of the founders, Mohamed El Ghoul, who told us that “we’re all Francophone,” to which he felt the need to explain further how they “all went to French schools." "Besides," he continues, "we have speakers by the foul cart that play French oldies in the likes of Edith Piaf, along with the usual Umm Kalthoum.” So you’ll be having a side of el set with your fries, Spanish omelette, spicy foul, foul with olive oil, ta3meya, or their secret special KFC-style recipe – Foulatysme.

They’ll be closing after Ramadan, so get over there as soon as your late night cravings start kicking in – before it’s too late and you find yourself back in Zamalek looking for just another ordinary foul cart.

Check them out on Facebook here, and follow them on Instagram @Foulatysme.