Sunday June 4th, 2023
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Alexandria's Best 7 Restaurants for Alexandrian Liver

Because there's nothing that Alexandrian liver, half a lemon and arn felfel can't fix.

Scene Eats

"Shat Eskendereya" by Fairuz is a timeless tune which we all love and listen to over and over again. What not many people know is that the iconic Lebanese singer was, probably, singing to Alexandria because of all the kebda places in it. Do not tell us that you can't picture her on a beach, in a flowing white dress, with the sunset behind her, just going at it, fino after fino. What a beautiful sight!

In the name of romance, we give you our favourite joints in Alexandria to get your Alexandrian liver fix at.

Wahba // Raml Station

You will believe in life after love after you've had 19 of their kebda sandwiches, one after the other. But in all fairness, one should believe in anything after accomplishing such a record. 

El Araby // Bahari

El Araby's kebda will fill, without a doubt, whatever void you have in in your heart.

Samy // Bahari

The final touches of their secret seasoning is what we live for. We sprinkled it on our problems and they all went away tbh.

Miso // Moharam Bek

There's a special place for Miso in our hearts, simply because of how delicious their Alexandrian liver is.

El Falah // Mahatet El Raml

We don't know why, but we always lose count of how many sandwiches we have there. 

Abo Jana Cart // Semouha

The best things in life are simple, yet amazing. They are also kebda, half a lemon and arn felfel.

Abo Helmy - El Mansheya

Have you ever tried pure joy in fino bread? Go ahead, give it a try!