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Alexandria’s Muse Truffletry Makes Customised Chocolate Truffles

This brand gives you the opportunity to send customised messages to your faves with truffles, along with a personalised card.

Here at SceneEats, we wholeheartedly, 100% believe there’s no better way to show someone you love them than by giving them food. Tbh, we still stan the chocolate and flowers gift combo and reject the notion that it isn’t a creative gift choice. This Alexandria dessert shop ‘Muse Truffletry’ gives you the opportunity to customize a special message to your faves on chocolate truffles, and we’re living tbh.

Known as one of the most decadent chocolate desserts there ever was, it is made with a gooey centre of chocolate ganache and covered in chocolate, cocoa powder and chopped toasted nuts. Muse Truffletry offer them in a bunch of different flavours like hazelnut, Oreo, Lotus, pistachio caramel, peanut butter, coffee and more. “Our products are made to suit everyone’s taste, and we make sure to always use top ingredients,” founder Yomna Hesham to SceneEats. “We also offer the option to customize different flavours according to our customers’ request.”

You can also include a unique handwritten card to the person being gifted along with the customised truffles, which you can either dictate yourself or if – you’re not too word-savvy Hesham gives you the option of writing the card for you after asking a few question about the message you’re trying to send, truly amping up the personalized touch. The brand will soon be offering dessert bad, and has future plans to expand delivery to Cairo.