Wednesday December 6th, 2023
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Andrea Maadi: Nile-Side Goodies on the Sundeck, From Breakfast to Dinner and Everything In Between

We may be used to setting up camp on a swanky Nile boat for the night, but now we can enjoy our mornings away from the city chaos on the world's longest river.

Staff Writer

There are a lot of tasty spots in Cairo, but sometimes you’re looking for something that’s just a bit more special, y’know? You can either get good food, decent drinks, or nice vibes. One of the three, not all three usually. But if there’s somewhere that combined these essential elements with something extra – or lots of extra somethings – we would surely be on to a winner. And add shisha to that, and we're there.

This is where Andrea Maadi comes in. This popular ship-come-restaurant, part of Greek Restaurant Guru Andrea Philotheou’s legacy (yup, one and the same of Mokatam), has redefined dining by the Nile with a massive breakfast menu, delicious grills, the freshest salads, yes shisha too, and all with spectacular Nile views. It is fair to say that Andrea has become an established part of the Maadi dining scene – and now, it is opening for breakfast.

Anyone who lives in a loud, bustling, polluted city will know that a peaceful meal with a beer can often be a challenge. Andrea now offers the opportunity to step away from the ensuing chaos on land to enjoy breath-taking panoramic views of the Nile and a sumptuous breakfast set to the gentle river breeze. Moving on to lunch, you can enjoy a Nile-side drink and shisha, and hang out all the way to dinner where the grill is your best friend. We can imagine spending the day on the sundeck and moving indoors for an equally magical atmosphere. 

Hang out at: Anddrea, Corniche El Nile, opposite Al-Salam Hospital .Or call 01224884494 for reservations.  

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