Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Armani Launches Ramadan Chocolates

Because what kind of person still eats konafa?

Staff Writer

You know when it’s Ramadan and you’ve finished a delicious Iftar spread and your sweet tooth starts acting up and you’re like WHERE IS MY ARMANI CHOCOLATE? Because what kind of peasant would you be if you just ate konafa like every Ramadan? Your chocolate should always match your pricey suit.

So this year for the holy month, Armani Dolci, the confectionary branch of the upscale brand, decided to hop on the whole oriental Ramadan trend that designers in general are falling all over themselves to capitalise on as of late, and create a special gift box of 16 pralines. Allah 3aleik ya Armani.

The fact that the chocolates sound like they taste like miniscule bites of heaven – the brand says “the praline consists of a fine milk chocolate shell and a smooth date cream centre with aromatic hints of bitter almond reminiscent of marzipan, enriched with finely chopped, lightly roasted sweet almonds” – allows us to ignore the other fact that they have all of nothing to do with Ramadan and that no one even eats chocolates during Ramadan. YOU DON’T EVEN GO HERE ARMANI. Oh no wait, they have a date centre. Dates…Ramadan. Close enough. Armani Dolci is quick to ensure that they are devoid of any alcohol derivatives, and the pralines are each stamped with a capital A for Armani. Because how else would people know you’re eating Very Fancy Armani chocolates? Duh.

They did however, try and get a little Ramadan-y with the box, which is inspired by the colours and motifs of Islamic art and features a crescent pattern and a little golden charm. Malha el Covertina ya ged3an?