Wednesday October 4th, 2023
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17 Best Asian Restaurants in Cairo

Here is your comprehensive guide to the best Asian cuisine in the city, encompassing every corner of the continent from Japan to Mongolia, as told by our resident foodie - who has literally eaten in every single one of these places. Twice.

Staff Writer
Cairo is home to a large mix of Asian restaurants serving a variety of cuisines from your standard Chinese and Japanese, to your Thai and Korean, all the way to Vietnamese and Mongolian eats (bet you didn't know we had that huh?). With so many delicious options, we understand why it’s such a difficult decision when you're in the mood for Asian food. To alleviate the stress of making the tough call, we’re coming in to save the day and give you the ultimate guide to the best Asian restaurants in the city. You’ll never need to look anywhere else. We have it all right here. You're welcome.
 8 (Chinese)
Four Seasons Cairo at Nile Plaza's 8 may be the most expensive restaurant in town, but it's for a reason. You get triple time's your money's worth. We recommend you try their pan fried chicken ginseng dumplings. 
Chinoix (Chinese)
Nestled away in New Cairo’s breathtaking Renaissance hotel, Chinoix feels a lot like leaving Egypt altogether, as the warm decor, complete with authentic Chinese vases, creates the perfect atmosphere to enjoy another nation’s beloved cuisine. Their Beijing duck is a must-order as it's more than just another dish; it's a show. 
Joy Luck  (Chinese)
 Joy Luck is every Maadi-ans go-to Chinese place. Don't mind how dodgy the place looks. In our experience, the dodgier the place looks, the better their food is. Make sure to get their sweet and sour chicken and steamed dumplings as they will take you to China and back.
Chinese Dumpling Restaurant (Chinese) 
 Chinese Dumpling is as authentic as it gets. Located on Road 233 in Maadi, the restaurant is literally inside a Chinese family's apartment. You can see the owners' kids wandering about whilst you devour their Five Spices hotpot. #NOMNOMNOM
 Makino (Japanese)
This place is so low-key that its Facebook page is in freaking Japanese. Their sushi is arguably the best in the country.
Shogun (Japanese)
 After you have Shogun's Japanese surf n' turf, normal surf n' turfs will mean nothing to you anymore. #FOODGASM
Birdcage (Thai) 
 Do you believe in life after love? You will after you try Birdcage's Thai shrimp and pineapple curry at Semiramis Intercontinental hotel. 
Bua Khao (Thai)
 Even though it's located at Maadi Corniche, Bua Khao is not a place everyone knows because it's literally a hole in the wall. Their green curries and Thai dumplings are to die for.
 Raj (Indian)
You'll find the meaning of life in Raj's chicken tikka masala curry at Fairmont Heliopolis Towers hotel.
Maharani (Indian)
 The owner is Indian so Maharani knows what's up! From their naan bread to their vegetable samosas, curries and more. #YALAHWI
 Gaya (Korean)
 Korean food is sadly not a big deal in Cairo and y'all need to do something about that. We swear by Maadi's Gaya kimbab (that's that thing that looks like sushi but isn't) and bibimbap (rice mixed with vegetables). They also have pork...
Seoul Barbecue (Korean)
 Located also in Maadi, their kimchi soup with tofu and ramen noodles is our favourite. Actually, kimchi with rice is as well. Actually, anything kimchi from Seoul is the bomb.
Genghis Khan (Mongolian) 
 Many would argue Maadi's Genghis Khan is not authentic Mongolian cuisine, but fuck y'all haters! THIS IS THE CLOSEST THING WE WILL EVER GET TO MONGOLIAN FOOD, OKAY???
Essence (Pakistani)
 We here in Cairo are well familiar with koftas, but have you tried a Pakistani kofta curry before? Essence in Giza will take care of that.
Mutiara (Malaysian)
 Your skin, oh yeah your skin and bones, will turn into something beautiful when you have Nasr City's Muitara yellow chicken curry.
Saigon Bleu (Vietnamese)
From bloating fern disks, to steamed rice pancakes with shrimp and more. You don't need to spend a fortune on a plane ticket to Vietnam no more when you can just go to Fairmont Nile City hotel.
Pinoy (Filipino)
Anyone who is familiar with Filipino cuisine knows that adobo chicken improves your life by 200% every time you have it. Sadly, it's a delivery-only place but that ain't going to stop us from having our Pinoy fix. Here's their number: 01096602298. You're welcome.