Sunday May 28th, 2023
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Authentic American Big Girl Burgers is What O.G is Throwing Down

O.G Burger is keeping it real with their fresh and juicy burgers, wing and other juicy tings.

Scene Eats

Making their debut on the sunny seashores of Ras Sudr, with the ‘O.G Kitchen’, the badass chefs have brought their kickin’ burgers to Cairo (well Sheikh Zayed but whatever, we’ll take it) and we’re already feeling the big BURGER energy. O.G Burger does not mince on flavour. Their fat juicy babies are made American-style, not messing around with frivolous toppings, letting the high quality and taste of the meat shine through. 

When the burgers are good, they don’t need a lot of extras. We love the simplicity. Bun, burger, cheese, sauce, shokran. Their 101 burger is the perfect balance of sweet and savoury with caramelised onions, honey mustard and crunchy lettuce for a satisfying bite.  Feeling even more saucy? Go for the classic OG burger double loaded with RANCH and BBQ sauce. 

The O.G burger is best complemented by classic fries (straight, curly, waffle—whatever the eff you want) and of course wings and loads and loads of creamy shakes. Feeling a bit unconventional? Go for their perfectly-crisp sweet potato fries. Wash it all down with one of their irresistible, creamy shakes. Legend has it that their pistachio milkshake is a unique culinary experience that people come all the way to Zayed for.