Wednesday July 24th, 2024
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Azza Fahmy Gets a Taste of Koffee Kulture at Diplo and Almaza Branches

In the unlikeliest of summer collaborations, cult-classic spot Koffee Kulture has opened inside Azza Fahmy’s flagship stores on the North Coast.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

Azza Fahmy Gets a Taste of Koffee Kulture at Diplo and Almaza Branches

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but a proper cup of coffee is a woman’s sustenance. If you’ve ever stepped foot inside a Azza Fahmy store, then you’ll be quite aware of a certain singular fact: to leave without carefully perusing each and every piece on showcase is nothing short of blasphemy. Perhaps aware of this fact, Azza Fahmy has invited Sahel cult-classic coffee spot Koffee Kulture to set up shop inside their Diplo and Almaza branches on the North Coast, so you can peruse with a clear mind. 

Brewing up what has become their signature artisanal coffee concoctions, Koffee Kulture now calls Azza Fahmy’s North Coast branches home to their New York-style bagels and Latin America-sourced coffee beans. Following their debut at Sahel's Telal, the coffee house is further spreading its Kulture shock to patrons of the renowned Egyptian luxury jewellery label, because even the most minute of luxury purchases require a clear, caffeinated mind. 

Now can someone treat us to a blended salted caramel matcha can, please? (and anything from Azza Fahmy’s ‘Soraya’ collection if you can spare the change.)