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BBQ Bros Are Firing up Our Summers With Their Proactively Juicy Meats

The BBQ Bros are bringing their extravagant meat frenzy experience to some of Egypt’s best shores (and also Zed Park).

We are shameless, gluttonous ladies who know a good steak when we see one and appreciate fine art in all its forms, that’s why we’re 100% okay with the talented hunks over at BBQ Bros serving us some equally-sexy, succulent cuts of meat. Sorry if we got a little excited there but we love a good show, especially if it’s followed by a feast of rich and fatty appetizers and sizzling premium meats, doctored up to meet all your most fantastical meat dreams. 

These provocatively juicy meats are cooked live, literally right in front of you on an open fire in their signature BBQ stations powered by OFYR outdoor equipment that always steals the show. Chef Mario Aoun infuses his Lebanese and Brazilian roots into the heart of BBQ Bros, flaunting impressive grilling skills and juicy, perfectly-cooked meat.

These expert grill-fanatics are bringing us an unparalleled grilling experience that would satiate even the most hardcore carnivore. Their no-funny-business cuts of juicy meat include Ribeye, T-bone and Tomahawk—all the classic steakhouse staples. Their creative meat-centric juices flow with their mind-blowing “platter” creations. From their juicy Steak Et Fries to their subtly sweet Honey Glazed Salmon, they have something for everyone (okay, except for vegetarians, ya’ll are going to have to ride this one out or nibble on some appetisers). 

Every place is only as good as its apps, and honestly, we’re thoroughly impressed by the ingenuity that went into BBQ Bros’ Hors d'oeuvres. Their Beef Tartare has a touts one complex AF flavor profile, with the freshest U.S prime beef mixed with onion, chives, capers, coriander, dill, croutons and lemon wedges. Looking for something a little less intimidating, go for their creamy Truffle Fries, loaded with parmesan cheese and truffle oil or its close relative, Truffle Mushroom, bursting with even more earthy truffle oil, parmesan cheese, lolo verde, parsley and surprisingly, pomegranate. 

BBQ is firing up our summer with their prime locations all over Egypt. You can chow down on some of their gloriously gluttonous meats and other carnivorous delicacies at Mangroovy Beach in Gouna, ZED Park in Sheikh Zayed, Marassi and Telal Sahel. Their sea-side locations evoke nostalgic memories of BBQs by the beach, with the aromatic scents of sizzling meats mingling with the warm, salty sea breeze.