Sunday March 26th, 2023
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BRGR Truck Hits Cairo!

After travelling around Egypt's coasts this summer, from Sahel to Gouna, the BRGR truck will be landing at Downtown Katameya, giving Cairenes a chance a taste of the phenomenal burgers...

Staff Writer

It’s always thrilling to come across a food truck on the street, it’s also quite an exciting relief to bump into one when hungry after a night out or during the daytime rush and hustle. We see them around the world, almost every city we visit. Here in Egypt, we stick to foul trucks and corn carts. Last summer though, we discovered one mobile, “gastro nomad” truck travelling about the North Coast by the name of BRGR. Egypt’s innovative on-the-go food truck serves, not just any burgers, but quality gourmet burgers accomplished by earnest gastronomes, to Hacienda beach goers, with love. We were even more excited to know they were travelling to Gouna last Eid, successfully attracting all the munchie-struck and craving vacationers in town, and now we can finally announce BRGR truck hitting Cairo at Downtown Katameya mall.

With a mission to achieve “the perfect burger,” their location in one of the most versatile malls in Egypt means there’s no doubt it’ll please plenty of folks, specifically the Katameyans and fellow-faraway neighbours at the end of the capital rainbow, although for the rest of us stuck in the over-packed and over-heating city central it sounds amusing to make a road trip out of it. Yes, visiting BRGR truck in Downtown certainly goes on our to-do list before the winter. With plans to expand to further communities in the city, such as Gezira Club and AUC, we can rest assured they’ll be but a few, beckoning miles away in the near future. In the meantime, BRGR truck in Downtown Katameya: Yes!

Check out their Instagram page here.