Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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BRGR Truck Hits The Gezira Sporting Club

Gezira Club goers are falling off the health wagon as Egypt's favourite gourmet burger patty on wheels just pulled up at the upscale sporting hub!

Staff Writer

So let’s not kid ourselves here - half the time people end up hanging out at Gezira Sporting Club has nothing to do with actual sports; it's because their mama drags them there for matchmaking purposes which might as well be an exercise in futility. 

There is, however, an upside; the BRGR Truck just opened in the upscale sporting hub, because why sit idly by as your mama pimps you when you can wolf down one of their signature J-Bombs!? The roving burger nomads have been hitting up various spots across the city, setting up shop everywhere from Sheikh Zayed to Arkan Plaza. And now, finally, they have arrived in Zamalek. Hurrah! We have been waiting for this day for many, many moons. Our burger fix is closer than ever before. 

Another reason why this is great news is because Gezira Club is swarming with healthy active type knobheads who flaunt their ideal body mass indexes wherever they go and they need to be put in their places. So next time, walk straight to the running track and throw burgers at them early rising, metabolism boosting, healthy eating joggers! But hurry up, BRGR Truck is only there until January 31st! They've also got special discounted prices for all the Gezira Club kids so you won't have to smash your sister's piggy bank and steal all her cash in order to buy the thirty two burgers you plan on eating.

You can follow them on Instagram @thebrgrtruck.