Thursday May 23rd, 2024
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Babbo’s & Al Ismaelia Host Ramadan Pop-Up in Downtown Cairo

The health-conscious eatery is putting together an exciting Ramadan experience for all the ‘banat West El Balad’ of Cairo.

Layla Raik

Babbo’s & Al Ismaelia Host Ramadan Pop-Up in Downtown Cairo

Babbo’s ‘Fi West El Balad’, an extension of the Babbo’s residing in El-Gezira Club in Zamalek and Taverna in Sidi Heneish, is more than just another restaurant. For the longest time, Babbo, the founder, has had a soft spot for old Downtown Cairo, with its vibrant streets and busy air. So, when they came across The Factory by Al Ismaelia, they were instantly bewitched.

What was originally an abandoned paper factory/warehouse soon flourished into a culturally-rooted dining space for Babbo’s Iftar and Suhoor events, tossed together at break-neck speed to be ready before Ramadan.

“Together with the creative team of Gallery Alef, we prepped the space with curations from traditional local brands that share our core value of celebrating and preserving Egyptian heritage,” Babbo tells SceneEats. “Every piece of furniture and every dish on the menu has a story to tell, history to share, and a flavour to savour.”

Babbo’s Ramadan menu is a tribute to Egypt’s rich culinary heritage, featuring Ramadan favourites like Foul and Taameya, Beid bel Agwa as well as irresistible Hummus Bowls. “All our food is made in-house with the finest ingredients, no additives and lots of love. Our labna is freshly made, our baladi bread is freshly baked to order, and our spices are freshly ground. The goal is for the delicious authenticity of our dishes to transport you to the golden days of Downtown Cairo.” The restaurant also offers classics like Sharkasseya, a creamy walnut sauce that is served with chicken and rice and aubergine fatteh, among many more.

Besides food, Babbo’s is a feast for the eyes as well, one we’re particularly grateful for in the hour-long minutes before Iftar. Dine under the same chandelier that illuminated Fatma Ghaly’s - lighting pioneer Randa Fahmy’s niece - wedding, admire 120-year-old wooden lanterns from Gallery Alef; and marvel at the beautiful woodwork of Omar Hossama, the third-generation woodworker who designed the dining space.

Whether you’re looking for a corporate event, a cosy family Iftar, or a chill Suhoor with friends, you can book your table by contacting 01092661144.