Saturday June 3rd, 2023
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Bartosha: ‘Nice on Ice’ Is the Cold Brew Connoisseurs' Sexy Slogan

The menu consists of six flask-looking glass bottles of exquisite coffee.

Scene Eats

After taking one look through their Instagram page, it dawns on your average viewer that Bartosha doesn’t make cold brew coffee for the faint of heart. They’re connoisseurs of sorts, artists even (literally, what other coffee brand do you know of that speaks of their drinks’ acidity? Exactly).

Bartosha’s cold brew coffee is sourced from three different origins: Colombian, Ethiopian, and their very own black coffee blend, slowly steeped in cold water anywhere from 16 to 24 hours. Encased in flask-looking glass bottles, these classy little drinks add a touch of James Bond 007 je ne sais quoi to your morning. Bartosha even makes silky smooth Spanish lattes in their signature glass bottles for the amateurs like us who can’t commit to the dark and sexy side of coffee just yet.

You can order either a pack of two or six bottles, or six bottles in a gorgeous matte all-black luxury box that comes with chocolates and coffee candies (we know, right?).