Friday June 21st, 2024
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Bayouki's Ramadan Menu is... A Lot to Unpack

From loaded sharkasia rotisserie chicken to ‘not shawarma’ sliders, Bayouki is pulling no culinary punches this Ramadan.

Patrick Davies

Bayouki's Ramadan Menu is... A Lot to Unpack

If there’s one thing that Ramadan guarantees, it's an overload of outrageous seasonal offerings from every food and beverage spot under the sun. In the case of Bayouki Rotisserie, the word ‘overload’ could hardly be more apt. Famous for their resplendent rotisserie chicken, Bayouki has decided to load the perfect poultry in with sharkasia rice and vine leaves - not at the same time, we hasten to add.

The two loaded rotisserie chicken options fight for position in the pecking order with chicken sambousa(k) and the ‘not shawarma’ sliders, both of which are packed full of tender pulled chicken. Clucking delicious. Bayouki is serving up these revolutionary Ramadan creations at both of their locations, in the Mall of Egypt and The Drive at The Waterway, throughout the rest of the holy month, right up until Eid Al Fitr.