Saturday July 20th, 2024
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Bayside Resteaubar Nights: a Fusion of Food and Sound

The Hacienda Bay hotspot is slowing things down this Saturday, switching from an epic pool party spot to a place for lovers of good music and even better food...

Staff Writer

Bayside Resteaubar Nights: a Fusion of Food and Sound

When I say Bayside you say party! Right? Wrong. Well, partially wrong. While the Sahel hot spot is the go-to place for daytime shebangs over the weekend, where you can find all manner of preternaturally toned and bronzed humans lounging around the pool, taking dips in the water and sipping on cocktails, while a myriad of decknicians play out some upbeat tunes, excluding weekend mornings, the spot is transformed into a culinary haven. Instead of a pumping energetic vibe, it’s more about chillaxing by the sea and enjoying some decadent dishes. And there’s just something about seaside air that makes you positively ravenous, isn’t there?

During the entire week, you can pop by anytime for a meal to conquer all meals, and on Saturdays, they have a special Resteaubar Night where it’s all about indulging your appetite. Nagy Hamama, one of the founders of the summertime hotspot, also happens to be a chef and is whipping up some delicious dishes that already have us drooling all over the screen. On weekdays, they’ve got everything from cheese-laden pizzas to perfectly charcoaled shish tawok. And on their Resteaubar Saturdays they have two specially created set menus that take seaside dining to a whole new level.

The first menu starts out with an array of calamari and seasoned mussels, moves on to a salmon fillet, and finally, gives you a choice of dessert between chocolate cake, cheesecake, and ice cream. If you’re more of a cheese lover, or a die-hard carnivore, then the second menu is right up your alley. This one gets things started with a camembert cheese platter and fried cheese balls, and then progresses to a juicy beef fillet as the main piece de resistance, finally ending the meal by allowing you to select from the same variety of desserts.

And while you wile away the late hours on their Resteaubar night, treating your taste buds to a tantalising array of dishes, Bayside has tapped four of the city’s most velvety voiced crooners to set the tone. Omar Okdah, Shadden Fahim, Omar Emara, and Farida El Gueretly will all be taking the stage for some mellow sounds.

Also, let’s just put this out there: there’s free corkage. Yes, yes, indeed. We’re already picturing nights of us indulging in steak and one or four bottles of wine…

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @baysideegypt.