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Belisco Channels Summer With Their Gourmet Graze Boards

Brb while we go listen to Doja Cat’s Kiss Me More for the 347374982th time whilst we devour some cheeses.

The idea of the charcuterie board is not necessarily a novelty. The diverse assortment of meats, cheeses and more thingamabobs on wooden boards have long been the perfect pairing for light meals in picnic settings or days out on the boat. Belisco, however, is taking the concept of grazer boards to another level. Part of what makes this brand unique is them not having a set menu. They make sure to never create the same charcuterie board, giving you, the eater, a say in things. The brand stands for more than a party cheese platter, the pairings and assortments are thoughtfully paired through a collaborative process, and the brand holds a big emphasis on presentation and visual appeal, making it stand out from the typical Egyptian cuisine.

Founder and main goncho Farida El Gendi started Belisco through the love and natural knack of making assorted platters for her house gatherings, making this her baby and passion project. Aside from delivery, El Gendi is solely in charge of everything from brainstorming and taste tests to logistics and visual design. You’ve got to praise someone who enjoys working by hand, rendering their products to be more personified and less gentrified. We have no choice but to stan such a kween tbh.

Having only been launched four months ago, Belisco is still in its younger stages of expanding. The brand currently delivers depending on where you live in Cairo, also offering an option for pickup. They will, however, have exciting upcoming pop ups in different cities around the country. With El Gouna being the first destination, get your pre-orders in before the end of June! Simple, customisable, and elegant; Belisco is our perfect party food for the summer. Brb while we go listen to Doja Cat’s Kiss Me More for the 347374982th time whilst we devour some cheeses.