Saturday May 18th, 2024
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13 Must-Try Restaurants in Maadi

Head to one of these Maadi spots for a total foodgasmic experience.

Staff Writer

13 Must-Try Restaurants in Maadi

Now that summer is over, we've been finding ourselves less and less concerned with zipping up our pants and more concerned with keeping ourselves incredibly well fed. We, mean who really cares about formet el sahel at this point in the year, and being in Cairo, there are plenty of amazing restaurants all over the city for a face gorging fest.

Maadi happens to be one of the best spots in the city to hit up over the weekend (or any day really, but it's particularly charming on weekend mornings) for aforementioned face gorging fest with plenty of diverse restaurants, from authentic Thai food, to South African cuisine, to spots eateries that actually have avo toast.

Here are 11 restaurants you should definitely hit up this weekend:


European gourmet meets unique handcrafted dishes at this new Maadi hotspot. The restaurant originally opened in Galleria40 in Sheikh Zayed and they've been giving out foodgasms ever since. Their menu is a wonderland of unique dishes with fresh ingredients, featuring everything from poached eggs and avocado on homemade bread for breakfast, to Papilotte of Salmon, to their Christmas pancakes with homemade Dulce de Leche. Everything in this restaurant is on point. Their Maadi eatery has a sunny outdoor area as well as a cool industrial-feel interior. Pro tip: be sure to reserve a table in advance, it gets pretty packed. 

Tel: 19801
Address: Royal Maadi Hotel, 11 Road 18, Maadi Sarayat

Bua Khao

This little hole in the wall on Maadi's corniche is a must try if you've always wanted to go to Thailand but haven't yet because you have responsibilities (same.) It's Maadi's hidden gem for authentic and affordable Thai food.

Tel: 0223783355, 0223783355
Address:9 Rd. 151 Intersection Of Rd. 100


If you've been to Maadi, are from Maadi, or know someone from Maadi, then you know Lucille's. It's a Road 9 classic and it's been around for as long as we can remember. Their burgers are old school and notorious and never disappoint, but it doesn’t stop there. There's also the pancakes that are the reason you can't button your pants the next day, and you kind of mind but not really because you know in your heart you'd do it all over again. 

Tel: 01092915000, 0223592778
Address: 54 Road 9, Sakanat Maadi


Korean food is sadly not a big deal in Cairo and y'all need to do something about that. We swear by Maadi's Gaya kimbab (that's that thing that looks like sushi but isn't) and bibimbap (rice mixed with vegetables) that their food is pretty bomb. An absolute must try for the adventures foodies out there, they're also one of the few restaurants in Cairo that serve pork.

Tel: 02 25197769
Address:41 Road 231, Degla

Villa Belle Epoque 

Whoever said that hotel food sucks obviously hasn't had the food at Villa Belle Epoque. Built in the colonial 1920s and reopened as a hotel in 2009, this place is Maadi's cutest vintage boutique hotel. Decorated for a period feel, the hotel also plays host to works from a number of contemporary Egyptian artists, and their menu is just as fancy as the rest of it.

Tel: 0223580265
Address: Inside Villa Belle Epoque hotel, Villa 63, Road 13 

Tabla Luna

This Latin American bistro serves a variety of classic dishes from Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Mexico, and Bolivia that are guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds. Unique contemporary and classic Latin American cuisine that will take you to taste bud heaven is kind of Tabla Luna's thing. We recommend their Chili Nachos, any one of their ceviches, their 600gm fillet (for two), and their signature dessert Torta De Tres Leches that literally tastes like joy.

Tel: 0225198403
Address: 41 Road 218, Degla


This South African restaurant in Maadi is the perfect spot if you want to taste cuisine you probably never have before. Their chilled and laid back vibes are exactly what you’d expect from a South African restaurant and their menu is as awesome as the rest of it.

Tel: 01069146208, 0223598328
Address: Building No 9, Street 100, Maadi


There are plenty of of Lebanese eateries around Cairo, but this Maadi spot is one of the few that actually get is it right. Signature Lebanese dish sogo2 beh dibs el romman is one of the ultimate highlights of a meal at Caracas, because adding pomegranates to sausages is a seriously genius idea on the part of Lebanon. Their batata hara is also fairly epic. 

Tel: 01017118882, 01017118883
Adress: Villa Caracas, 63 Road 9

Joy Luck

Joy Luck is every Maadi-ans go-to Chinese place. Don't mind how dodgy the place looks. In our experience, the dodgier the place looks, the better their food is. Make sure to get their sweet and sour chicken and steamed dumplings as they will take you to China and back.

Tel: 0225216809, 01279138888
Address: 13 Road 233, Degla Maadi

White Owl 

This recently opened Maadi eatery revolves around everyone's favourite carb: pasta. Pasta tends to be an afterthought on the menus of many restaurants but at this urban pasta-hub, it takes center stage. And it's not your tired spaghetti Bolognese (although that's great too) - their menu's got items like smoked duck with mushroom duxelles fettuccine. And they've even got some seriously tasty vegan options like their pink cream and vegetables tagliatelle. The space also happens to be super homey and cool but that's just an extra Instagram-friendly benefit. 

Address: 17 Road 216 intersection with 206, Al Maadi
Tel: 0121 169 1699


Another Asian hidden gem in Maadi. Korean style fried chicken that is just the right about of greasy and crunchy that will definitely make you go back for seconds. 

Tel: 022512123, 01270440068
Address: 23 Road 232

Cereal and Flakes

Photo: @_food_up_

So some people might not count a cereal bar as a real restaurant but those people would be wrong because we all know cereal is a life force in and of itself and any place dedicated purely to it is a place that surely has a spot awaiting them in heaven. Cairo's first ever cereal cafe has been open for business in Maadi for a few months and it's as awesome as it sounds. It's this super cool concept of having cereal as a dessert with ice cream or yogurt, and a variety of toppings from fresh fruits to Maltesers instead of just plain old milk. It doesn't sound like it should work but trust us it does.

Tel: 0225200527
Address: Street 233, Degla

The Greek

You may recognise this eatery from when they used to set up shop at urban Nile-side shindig Funk 'N' Pop but trust us, their beef and chicken gyros are super good even when you're not eating them as drunk food to soak up all the booze in your stomach. And if you're going for Greek food, the souvlaki and moussaka are both iconic must-try dishes - and yes moussaka is basically messa2a3a with slightly altered ingredients and spices but messa2a3a is awesome and so is this. 

Tel: 01128669444
Address: 19 Road 231, Degla Maadi 


*If you have any more recommendations for awesome Maadi restaurants, feel free to leave them in the comments section below!