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Big Mama's Got Homemade Cheesecake for You, Egypt

You just know it's going to be some really good homemade cheesecake when it comes from someone named Big Mama.

When we think cheesecake, we envision a soft and buttery biscuit base, a melting but robust cheese centre, along with a coulis topping – perhaps raspberry - oozing into the cheese centre but not completely overpowering it. So then you try to make it yourself, like the savvy little chef you try to tell yourself you are, but of course you exceed your expectations and then throw it away because you excel at ruining everything great. You call your mom to come and show you how much you failed and you realise you should have just let her make it to begin with.

However, if you’re a full grown adult who is embarrassed to call your mom, you might have to check out what Big Mama has to say about this. Big Mama exists to feed Egypt handmade classic cheesecakes for parties of 20, or parties of 10, or even if you want it all for yourself.Amira Abdel Rahman, the face behind Big Mama’s, spent many hours entertaining family gatherings in the kitchen, eventually creating her signature no bake cheesecake. Her “specialty is the New York lemon cheesecake and the blueberry cheesecake,”, she tells us. “Everything is made from scratch, with Mama’s love and care.” Abdel Rahman has also added irresistible, bite-sized Oreo cheesecakes – she claims that “no one can [ever] stop at only one Oreo ‘bite’.”

The secret to Big Mama’s delightful cheesecake wonders lies primarily in the quality of the ingredients they use, a product of their passion to give their customers a cheesecake worthy of the calories.

Mama Amira also has her relative, Farah, who helps her look after her Facebook page and marketing, and that’s how you know you’re getting real, homemade goodness.

“We’re not entrepreneurs, we don’t know the key to a successful business, but we do know the key to a happy tummy and that is cheesecake.” – Amira. 

Check them out on Facebook at @BigMamasCheesecake.