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Black Market Bust on Ramadan Treats

Egypt's police have seized eight tons of 'Yamish' ahead of Ramadan...

With Ramadan round the corner, all the signature Oriental treats are on our minds. One such famous treat is Yamish which is a combination of dried prunes, apricots and dates. The tasty treat, rich in energy, is often consumed for both Sohour and Iftar, boiled in water with added sugar or honey and nuts. In other word's 'tis the Ramadan elixir. Buyers have caught on to the addictive and vital concoction, knowing that fasters will be on the prowl, sniffing away and scratching their arms suffering withdrawals under the scorching sin. Going to great lengths to get their hands on the good stuff, buyers have been hording Yamish and waiting for Ramadan so that they can hit the black market. Seriously.

Police have so far busted eight tons of horded Yamish waiting to be sold in the black market during the very holy month of Ramadan. Police have assured citizens that they have sources everywhere and are combing known hotspots for horded Yamish and save the treats from being sold in exorbitant prices.

Photo by Muhammad Refai