Friday April 19th, 2024
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Build Your Own At Home Bakery With Frozen Patisserie Brand CIBUS

This bakery is probably what would happen if Elsa went to Paris and decided she likes croissants.

Layla Raik

Build Your Own At Home Bakery With Frozen Patisserie Brand CIBUS

There are days - entirely not influenced by the fact that we’ve just watched Emily in Paris in one sitting or cried over Before Sunrise only a few days ago - where one simply feels French. Ideally, we’d want to take our bike out for a tour of our (very green) neighbourhood before settling at a small cafe where a little old man and his tiny dog smile at you as you read your (French, of course) book, and watch the Eiffel tower peeking through the cafe’s humbly touristic view. 

While that may not be fully attainable, Cibus is a frozen food service ensuring that your Parisian daydreams stay frozen in your mind’s eye as you enjoy your treats from the comfort of your couch. Believing in the power of pyjama pants, this bakery is bringing a new range of products to every Egyptian mom’s favourite food category: frozen foods. 

Covering both sweet tooth necessities and sensible savoury breakfasts, the frozen bakery offers delicious plain croissants - both regular and multigrain - that you can either eat on their own or spice up with your preferred additions, as well as a range of sweeter pastries. The latter includes chocolate, and custard-filled croissants as well as a crunchy chocolate chip twist, a raisin swirl and the classic pain au chocolat.

For orders, simply message Cibus via WhatsApp on +201000080098.