Sunday June 4th, 2023
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Cairo Street Eats Gurus Kazouza Finally Open in Sheikh Zayed

Sheikh Zayed residents will be having much reason to rejoice soon. Cairo’s favourite street food franchise are establishing a new branch in the lands beyond the pyramids.

Staff Writer

For many, many years, the food scene in Cairo has been dominated by international cuisines and franchises. Chinese restaurants you will find aplenty. There is certainly no shortage of sushi joints. It's quite a tragic state of affairs considering how rich our own cuisine already is, not just when it comes to fine dining, but also our street food. Egyptian cuisine has a heritage which goes back thousands of years yet has suffered a terrible injustice due to our fascination with foreign foods. Although, it may currently being going through a bit of a renaissance.

When Kazouza first opened their doors in Maadi, they came bursting onto the Egyptian street food scene with a bang. Coming into a market which has largely been saturated with the same old derivatives in recent years, the people behind Kazouza decided to surprise Cairo’s high-end consumers with a cuisine undeservedly overlooked.

Traditional Egyptian street food was largely the domain of budget eaters with immune systems fully armed with a nuclear arsenal ready to combat all the foreign organisms ready to come their way. Kedba, sogo2, hawawshi, and foul wi beid, largely staples of the Egyptian streets, broke students, and commies, were only seen before in a comfortable restaurant setting a handful of times.

In early 2015, Kazouza came along to fill this gap, and they quickly attracted a huge clientele. Offering the full range of what our country’s streets provides, from protein-heavy breakfasts, to delicious liver and sausage sandwiches with just the right amount of oil and grease, to the outrageously decadent yet delicately made sweet feteers. They certainly succeeded in helping white-collar Egyptians rediscover their taste for our culinary heritage.

So much has their success been, delivery services followed soon thereafter. Last year, a new branch sprouted in the North Coast to ensure all the sexy beach bodies were utterly ruined by that summer’s end.

They continued to expand into New Cairo, and have now opened their latest brick & mortar location in Sheikh Zayed, right beside Arkan Mall. So the next time you're craving late night kebda, or you feel like eating your own weight in calories with some feteer meshaltet because it's been a hard week and you deserve it, you 6th October residents don't have to drive halfway across the city to get it. 

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Address: Tower 1, Guezira Plaza, Beside Arkan Mall

Mob: 01208985555