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Cairo Vegans Need to Put Maluma on Their Radar

Alexa, play Corazón because we're shook.cosy-chic restaurant has all you can crave.

Don’t get too excited, this gem of a restaurant has nothing to do with Latin pop star Maluma, but their food is sure to get your taste buds dancing.

Maluma, which happens to be a restaurant and a cafe, offers all you can ever need when looking for where to dine. They’ve got a wide range of breakfasts, burgers, pasta, pizza and basically any food that is universally-loved -- except they also make the vegan version of them. Yum.

In a sea of restaurants that doesn't cater to vegetarians and/or vegans, Maluma counts as a victory in Egypt's food scene. The cosy-chic eatery is located in Heliopolis with gorj indoor and outdoor seating. Be sure to book beforehand by calling +2 0102 063 1690 to make you sure you get a seat!