Friday February 23rd, 2024
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Cairo's Best 7 Restaurants for Shakshouka

Just be sure to wear some clothes that can withstand a little splatter.

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Ahhh, shakshouka! The heart breakfast dish of skillet-fried eggs in a spiced tomato sauce that is totes Arab (but Israel always tries to claim as its own) is a fav to many. Mostly because it pairs up quite perfectly with mornings, much more than avo toast and mimosas will ever be tbh. Whether traditional or experimental, the best versions have a boldly-flavoured base (hi harissa) and runny eggs. Without further adieu, here are the best spots in the capital that make shakshouka.

Desoky & Soda // 6th of October, Sheikh Zayed, Heliopolis, Dokki, Maadi, New Cairo

The spot that is known for their wholesome breakfasts and wack taset gebna obvs also serve a mean shakshouka.

Phone: 19128

Address: Branches all over Cairo

The Lebanese Bakery // Maadi

You haven’t lived until you’ve tried The Lebanese Bakery’s shakshouka (make sure it’s with a fried egg). Easily the best thing on their menu. It’s also the only thing on their menu that is not available via delivery...for a reason.

Phone: +2 0100 057 3500

Address: Sarayat El Maadi, Street 18, Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah

Tabali Bistro // New Cairo, Heliopolis, Zamalek

Tabali’s shakshouka is bougie. If you’re into that, it’s going to be the one for you.

Phone: 19061

Address: Branches all over Cairo

Zooba // Zamalek, Nasr City, Korba, Maadi, New Cairo, Sheikh Zayed, Rehab City

Sometimes, their shakshouka sandwich is everything you will ever need from life.

Phone: 16082

Address: Branches all over Cairo

Nişantaşi // Nasr City, New Cairo

The shakshouka here is unlike any shakshouka on this list because she’s well travelled. Turkey, to be specific. We mean, like, look at her! 

Phone: +20122 253 3336

Address: Citystars Mall, Phase 1, Level 5, Nasr City // Cairo Festival City Mall, The Village, New Cairo

Ovio // Sheikh Zayed, Maadi, New Cairo

Much like Nişantaşi, Ovio’s shakshouka serves a little bit of Greek realness that’ll have you screaming “Ouzo” or something like that.

Phone: 119801

Address: Branches all over Cairo

Lamoun w Kamoun // Dokki

Their shakshouka comes with a little bit of lamoun and kamoun. Try at your own risk, but also your risk and taste buds will be very much rewarded. 

Phone: +2 0155 586 6125Address: 15 Tiba Street, Dokki