Monday 30 of January, 2023
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Cairo's Newest Lebanese Restaurant is Every Foodie's Dream Grill House

Mays El Karam just opened in CityStars and it's quickly becoming Heliopolis' favourite Lebanese eatery.

Staff Writer

There's about as many Lebanese restaurants in Cairo as there are beat up cars that desperately need a trip to the junkyard, but good ones are near impossible to find. The creative concepts and cool interior design is all there. But hardly any of these restaurants actually manage to hit both targets: interior and taste. That's why when we found this new restaurant and grill house, we jumped right on it.

'Mays El Karam', Cairo's newest eatery which just opened in CityStars, is quickly becoming the city's favourite hangout for proper Lebanese dining. Habib Mansour, foodie and owner of Mays El Karam, tells us "This restaurant is different from all the other Lebanese bistros around. It's designed to be a cozy hangout spot and its menu is mostly items from the classic Lebanese grill and classic Lebanese sandwiches." 

Their staff is highly trained, and passionate, to recommend the perfect selection for a well-rounded table that's buzzing with conversation. It's not like it's easy to go wrong in the first place. Mays El Karam assure us they've chosen the freshest local ingredients that make for the most succulent grills.   

The place is basically a little piece of Beirut right here in Cairo. They've got all the classics on their menu from hummos, tabouleh, grape leaves, to makanek, to baba ghanoug, and a mix of amazingly delicious fresh grills that taste like joy. We got to hang out beyond the food too. With this weather, what's better than a hearty, healthy (properly priced) meal followed an authentic Lebanese shisha on the patio? Another reason to fall in love with Heliopolis all over again. 

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