Wednesday June 19th, 2024
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Cairo’s Ovio Adds Flat Croissants to Their Menu

What would you do if your chosen breakfast spot had its croissants run over?

Layla Raik

Cairo’s Ovio Adds Flat Croissants to Their Menu

In the unlikely event that your new, freshly baked croissant was to slip out of your hand directly into the pathway of an approaching bulldozer, what do you think you would do?

While our first reaction wouldn’t be to coat half of it in rich milk chocolate and a hazelnut crumble, we recognise that maybe, to some people, that bulldozer represents the possibility of a rebirth. The people in question are the crafty chefs at Saturday morning brunch spot Ovio, who just added a flat variation of their perfectly airy, buttered-up croissants. Despite giving up the air for this one, the oddly silhouetted treat is just as delicious as Ovio’s regular - and this one comes dipped in Lotus, white chocolate or milk chocolate.

We might just have to deviate from the usual club sandwich for this one.