Wednesday June 19th, 2024
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Cairo’s Perfect Pancakes: A SceneEats Guide

We’re getting double-pan-caked up on a Friday afternoon at these 11 spots.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

Cairo’s Perfect Pancakes: A SceneEats Guide

Golden-brown and irresistibly tempting, the perfect pancake checks all the boxes. Stacked up sky-high, dressed in a luscious drizzle of syrup, a potential dollop of creamy whipped cream, or even topped with a generous sprinkling of fresh fruits, pancakes are the gift that keeps on giving.

We've scoured the restaurants and eateries far and wide to bring you 11 of the very best pancake spots around Cairo. From cosy diners with nostalgic charm to contemporary cafes with innovative twists, our recommendations embody the finest qualities of this beloved breakfast classic – tender, fluffy, and oh-so-satisfying.


St 9, Maadi & Banks Center, New Cairo

A list of perfect pancake places would be incomplete without the St. 9 classic, Lucille’s. Serving up American diner dishes, Lucille’s pancakes are as authentic as they get.


Branches all over Cairo

Serving pancakes with all the toppings, sauces and flavours under the sun, Ovio has perfected the art of the fluffy flapjack.


St 213, Maadi

Caramel Apple Pancakes. Need we say more? Drizzled with hot sweet caramel sauce, Marny’s signature pancake offering is just what that sweet tooth of ours needs.

Dip N Dip

Branches all over Egypt

A crunchy, chocolatey heaven, Dip N Dip’s stacks are bound to have you on a sugar high - and you’ll be thanking them for it.

Brunch & Cake

Lake House The Club, New Cairo

Layers upon layers of goodness - Brunch & Cake’s pancakes are infused with natural, fruity sweetness.


5A, New Cairo & Masaya, Sahel

Oreo madness galore, Foufa’s pancakes are the perfect dessert outro to their hearty meals.


Branches all over Cairo

Aptly named and pretty much their specialty - if you couldn’t already tell - Pancakes’ mini pancakes are meant to be devoured one after another.

SELF Health House

Branches all over Cairo

A healthy take on the pancake, SELF’s dishes are all you need for a guilt-free dessert.

Carmel California

St 18, Maadi

Golden-brown and succulently stacked, Carmel California has our taste buds held hostage.


Korba, Heliopolis

Help! We’ve *fallen* in love with Charlie’s pancakes, and we can’t get up…! Although we wouldn’t try to anyway - not when their offerings are positively drowning in chocolate.


Sarayat, Maadi & District 5, New Cairo

Drizzled with honey, molasses and maple syrup, Lokali’s pancakes will have you forgetting all about your problems.