Monday December 11th, 2023
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Cairo's Sexiest Snack Brand Comes in Jars Delivered to Your Home

This home based business offers a healthy lifestyle we all crave.

Staff Writer

We all crave a healthy lifestyle. We want to live the longest, be the strongest, and feel the best, yet most of the foods we consume don't allow us to do so. We try and we fail miserably because we're h-angry, cranky, salty, or...just angry. So we go for the fast foods, the ready made, and the junk. It's hard to find the right place to find fresh products or the time to cook our meals from scratch, and so we only settle for the almost healthy.

Starting three years ago, My Jar, an online shop that makes and sells fresh, homemade, and delicious products, allows you to live the lifestyle you crave. Offering a variety of new and tasty flavours to the Egyptian market, not only do they deliver almost everywhere in Cairo, but you can also find their products at Mahali in Maadi or Sunny Market in Zamalek. The brand offers a wide range of jarred goods to satisfy everyone you can think of. From spicy chutneys to jams and pickles, My Jar has you covered from breakfast to after, after party. 

My Jar also lets you know exactly how the product was made, so you don't feel anxious about what you're eating.

You can find out more about their products by visiting their Facebook page or checking out their website here.