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Carb-Lovers Are Going to Love Heliopolis’ Bakery Station

Now that's a destination we can totes get behind.

If there’s one thing we can probably never ever have too much off as bread beasts, it’s bakeries. Especially with spring arriving, nothing quite hits the spot like a fresh af croissant or bread right out of the oven (also because carbs are life).

Showing up for Egypt’s carb-lovers is a brand new Heliopolis bakery called Bakery Station serving sweet and savoury baked goods to eat your feelings about 2021.

Bakery Station offers different breads like ciabatta, petit pain, burger buns, plain and custard brioche, plain, zaatar, pastrami and almond croissants, sausage and tuna patés. The bakery also offers salt and chili crackers, as well as feteer and pizza, or doughnuts, muffins, cookies, cakes and a wide selection of danishes if you’re a sweet tooth.

You can find them at 5 Ahmed Khashba Street, El Nozha, Heliopolis.