Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Celebrity Chef Brings the Best of Gourmet Italian Seafood to the Nile Ritz-Carlton's Vivo Ristorante

With two Michelin-starred chef Oliver Glowig at the helm, Vivo Ristorante outdoes itself once again, proving that everything we thought we knew about Italian food was a lie.

Staff Writer

If you're anything like most Egyptians, you probably grew up believing stuffed-crust pizzas and your local cafe's chicken alfredo pastas are real Italian cuisine. Newsflash; they're not. And while we couldn't have possibly known better back in the day, the opening of many authentic Italian eateries around the city has served as a wake up call for many of us, with the biggest revelation being the opening of the swanky Vivo Ristorante at the luxurious Nile Ritz-Carlton just two years ago.

With intricate Italian dishes and the town's best Italian chefs at the helm, Vivo Ristorante has never failed to deliver us to a state of foodgasming euphoria. Starting on Wednesday, 22nd November, through to the following weekend, the sumptuous restaurant is taking our Italian culinary fantasies a step further by bringing the renowned two Michelin-starred chef Oliver Glowig in for a one-of-a-kind culinary adventure.

Chef Oliver Glowing

Gourmet seafood is what's in the books for Vivo Ristornate's guests over the weekend. Squid ink ravioli with mussels cacio and  white seabass fillet in fish soup are just a hint of what the renowned chef will be whipping with the help of the in-house Chef De Cuisine Carmine Diluggo, one of Cairo's finest and most established Italian chefs. To complete the Italian masterpiece, the contemporary chic restaurant is goes all out with ravishing decor and the panoramic views of the Nile serving as the backdrop of this Italian extravaganza, in which lunch will be served at noon and dinner starts at 6 PM. 

In the city of a thousand and one sketchy pizzerias, there's nothing more refreshing than a spot that stays true to its roots. And that's exactly what the Nile Ritz-Carlton's Vivo Ristornate is serving next weekend.


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