Friday December 1st, 2023
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Celebrity Chef Oliver Glowig Brings All the White Truffle to Cairo

We never tire of a good food festivity in Cairo, and we hear The Nile Ritz-Carlton's Vivo Ristorante is going all out this month, celebrating white truffles with a two Michelin-starred chef! Dio mio...

Staff Writer

Italy is a land of civilisation, history, good looks, football, but – most importantly, it's a land that serves culinary greatness. Seriously, Italians got a plot of land that was so perfectly used for bettering humanity's taste buds and general preferences when it comes to food. Who thought of extracting truffles from the earth and giving us one the rarest and yummiest ingredients ever? No wonder they have an entire month of festivities dedicated to the role white truffles play in creating the most delectable dishes.We're really getting into it; come October 27th all the way to November 3rd, two Michelin-starred celebrity chef Oliver Glowig will be gracing the Nile Ritz-Carlton's glamorous Vivo Ristorante and bringing holy delicacies our way, all created with white truffle. *currently rubbing our bellies*...We're really hoping you guys know what a Michelin Star is, because it's basically the one thing all chefs and restaurants around the world strive to get – it's like getting into medical school for chefs. And, if you can master white truffles into endless recipes, then you definitely deserve at least two of those stars. We know some of you are not sure how white truffles work, so, besides celebrity chef Glowig live-cooking some gourmets you never thought were possible, there will be one guy there – an expert if you will – who will be giving you the run-down on them. "It'll be sort of an educational session, where he will explain the types of truffles – from cheapest to most expensive, from the rarest to the most common."  They had us at tasting. No further questions asked. Fine Italian dining with a celebrity chef means pulling out our fanciest pants for the fine affair – it also means there has to be wine. No fancy meal is complete without some wine pairing, right? Of course not. So with wine in our systems we'll just pretend we're in Italy on a crisp October night as we're serenaded with a live opera performance. Again, dio mio... 'Vivo the white truffle!'

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