Wednesday July 24th, 2024
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Chasing Chinatown: Inside Maadi's Colourful Hub of Eateries & Markets

Nestled away in the commercial area that is Degla, it's quite surprising how an entire town has flown under the radar without anyone (well, most people at least) actually knowing about it.

Kurt Galalah

Chasing Chinatown: Inside Maadi's Colourful Hub of Eateries & Markets

There are a number of great finds in Cairo's vast culinary world, however, none of them compare to the secret Chinatown hiding out in the city's leafy district of Maadi. 

Frequented mostly by Degla residents and longtime Chinese citizens who long for home, the secret Chinatown can be found on Road 233 and all the other streets that intersect with it. From Chinese hole-in-the-wall restaurants that serve authentic af food to super markets that sell items you wouldn't dare find anywhere else, it's an entire experience that demands to be, well, experienced. 

''I decided to open up my restaurant in Maadi because this area has always felt like my home away from home,'' Idris Yang, owner of Samarqan Noodles, tells SceneEats. ''My restaurant is one of many Chinese establishments in Maadi Degla that help make this area a beautiful for Chinese people.''

We don't know about you, but we here at SceneEats think you should channel a little bit of Dora the Explorer this weekend and go on a delicious adventure to Maadi's secret Chinatown.