Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Chinoix Brings The Far East To The Middle

Embarrassing all distributors of 'fake Chinese food' is none other than Renaissance Cairo Mirage City Hotel's Chinoix, providing an authentic taste of the Orient's beloved dishes, guaranteed to please the global foodie within.

Staff Writer

In the heart of New Cairo stands an authentic experience that will have you transported to a deliciously banging Beijing. We speak of course of the popular Chinoix, located inside the gorgeously decorated Renaissance Cairo Mirage City Hotel. Invited to try their newest menu, we grabbed our favourite chopsticks and headed over to this authentically Chinese culinary hub.

From the first step through Chinoix's doors, patrons will instantly feel like they left Egypt and landed in an upscale Chinese restaurant somewhere in Macau. From the eye-catching sculpture of Asian geese to large Ming-style vases, we felt surrounded by a culture that promises an authentic experience.Beginning the meal with an assortment of eye-catching and mouth-watering appetizers, we were immediately floored by the unique flavour combinations. Among our favourites were the inspired wasabi prawns served with seasonal fruit, which delivered a spicy kick that was offset by the sweetness of fruits packing a powerful and balanced punch. Also providing a cherished food memory was Chinoix's new marinated beef seasoned with five spices that made the marinated dish a flavourful superpower, and alongside the assortment of expertly wrapped dumplings, had us feeling like we had arrived to Shaolin.

Continuing on our culinary trip, Chinoix stepped up, delivering entrees that we devoured quicker than a punch by Bruce Lee. New to the exotic menu is a grilled lobster served Beijing style, which left us considering starting a new life in Shanghai. That was until the Beijing duck served with a crepe-like wraps, cucumbers, and hoisin sauce arrived, solidifying some future plan of visiting the city that inspired the dish. Unlike any duck you find in Egypt, Chinoix duck was arguably one of the best we have had both in and outside of Oum el Donia’s borders.Stuffed, we discussed skipping dessert; that was until we were advised that the experience wouldn’t be complete without something deliciously sweet to cleanse the palette. Enter the deep-fried ice cream served with fresh seasonal fruit. Having never tried deep-fried ice cream, we were intrigued and our palettes pleased as the coating provided a wonderful contrast in texture to the creamy sugary coma within.

Throughout the dinner, we contemplated a move to Macau, Beijing, Shaolin, and Shanghai, but realised we likely wouldn’t know how to order these dishes in Mandarin or in Cantonese. Faced with the sad reality, we took solace in the fact that any time we get the hunger to travel to the Far East, we could simply just head to Chinoix at the Renaissance and fool our taste buds into thinking we’re there.

For more information or to book a reservation visit Renaissance Hotel Facebook page here or Instagram @renaissancecairohotel.