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Coco Mallow Makes Artisan Marshmallows a Reality and We're Living

Say what now?

Okay, let’s be honest here, the marshmallows in Egypt suck. Those supermarket marshmallows are alarmingly chewy and always flavourless. Marshmallows are a gift from the food gods; a delicate, airy fluffy cloud of luscious sweetness. 

Well, we’re floating in marshmallow heaven with Coco Mallow’s homemade, fluffy clouds of sugar. The brand is 100% dedicated to only making these scrumptious little bites and they have near perfected the recipe. These tiny guilty pleasures are soft pillows that literally melt in your mouth. And their flavours are to die for. From their well-balanced chocolate and caramel to their sweet and delicate strawberry to their tart mango, these bite size mallows pack a punch of flavour. 

These colourful babies are honestly way too cute to be eaten. All their mallows have bright, cheerful colors that instantly brighten your day. Treat yourself to a little bite of decadent marshmallow goodness (marshmallows constitute as a form of self-care, so it’s okay) if you're in Kuwait and Kuwait only because that's where they are. Sorry if you're not in Kuwait.