Tuesday June 25th, 2024
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Jun 25, 2024

Coppermelt Just Dedicated a Whole Section of their Tagamoa Branch to Profiteroles

Because profiteroles aren’t appreciated as much as they should be, Coppermelt decided to create a profiterole station in their Tagamoa branch!

Staff Writer

Coppermelt Just Dedicated a Whole Section of their Tagamoa Branch to Profiteroles

Profiteroles are probably one of the worlds most under appreciated dessert. We’re often caught up in that cutesy mini red velvet cupcake, or that peanut butter chocolate swirl cake that we overlook profiteroles because they often don’t look as appeasing as other desserts. We forget how delicately soft the cake-like base is, and how satisfying it is to bite into the custard filled centre that’s equally mixed with ripples of melted chocolate. Ok, we’ll stop now. The point is, Egypt’s most dedicated dessert connoisseurs, Coppermelt, have dedicated an entire section of their Tagamoa branch to profiteroles. That is, you can now walk up to a profiterole station in Coppermelt’s Tagamoa branch, chose from a plethora of Coppermelt’s creative flavours made fresh on site, and then sit and eat it with all of your other friends who have also come out to make profiteroles the newest obsession. Profiterole party anyone?

While profiteroles are pretty much life, and our entire existence should revolve around them, let it not take you away from the dessert haven that is Coppermelt – or as they like to call it, the Middle East’s first dessert mine. Get it? Because you can mine copper, but now you can mine delectable desserts at Coppermelt’s ‘dessert mine’. Did we ruin the poetics?

With branches in Sheikh Zayed, Korba, and Tagamoa, Coppermelt stores are peppered with classic oriental desserts like konafa, basbousa, and zalabya. But because you don’t go mining to find basic konafa, Coppermelt bestows upon us red velvet and oreo basbousa and zalabya cheesecake amongst many other gateaux, cakes, balah el sham, and katayef. Need we mention their savoury selections?
Now we know you’re thinking, crap, summer is around the corner, I need to tone down on the cake. But the calories don’t count if you eat them fast enough. Ehem, trust us on this one. Plus, profiteroles are pretty much nibble-sized anyway; you can shove about 4 in your mouth at once and it’s like you never ate them in the first place. See you there.

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Shoot by @MO4Network's #MO4Productions.
Photography by Kareem ElSabaa
Food styling by Basma

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