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Dahab's Famous Ralph’s German Bakery Is Opening in Cairo

You can now enjoy your favourite home-made Bavarian baked goods in Maadi's road 9.

Dahab’s favourite breakfast place has found itself a cosy spot in Maadi’s road 9 and now you can enjoy all your favourite Bavarian home-made goodies and German filter coffee without having to make the trip all the way to Sinai, or Bavaria! “We’ve had people asking us to come to Cairo for quite some time, and we are now happy to oblige. Our soft opening is going to be on October first. We’re also introducing a bigger menu; we will be serving all our original dishes as well as extending the menu as we go forward,” owner and founder Ralph Stocker said.Master baker Stocker is personally training all of the chefs in his new branch to perfect the bakery’s goodies distinctive taste, he also buys most of his special ingredients directly from Germany. “Every other bakery makes cinnamon rolls, but ours have a completely different flavor. The most important thing is that we bake with love,” Stocker says.We can’t wait to get our hands on these tasty treats. October first can’t come fast enough!

Check out Ralph's German Bakery's Facebook for more updates.