Monday July 22nd, 2024
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Dawgs ‘N’ Shakes Has Us Barking With New Branch at District 5

With their American street food, Dawgs ‘N’ Shakes has unleashed our inner deep-fried fiends upon East Cairo.

Mai El Mokadem

Dawgs ‘N’ Shakes Has Us Barking With New Branch at District 5

Who let the Dawgs out? Dawgs ‘N’ Shakes, a local purveyor of hot dogs, fried treats and the heaviest milkshakes you can stomach, has opened a new branch at District 5.

Dawgs ‘N’ Shakes is all about that American street food experience. We’re talking hot dogs, deep fried chicken, burgers, and some fried mozzarella sticks if you’re feeling fancy. With gourmet toppings, toasted buns, and so much sauce and melted cheese it’s practically dripping off your bright red tray on offer, you’ll need your whole pack behind you to help wolf your meal down.

And as the name suggests, you’ll want to wash down all those deep-fried delights with its soul mate: the milkshake. They’ve got classic flavours like chocolate on offer, as well as some quirky picks like bubblegum in case you feel your shakes haven’t been *quite* sweet and sugary enough lately.

This is Dawg ‘N’ Shakes’ fourth branch in Egypt, after having previously opened at Cairo Festival City, as well as two spots in Sahel at Northed and Amwaj.