Friday 2 of December, 2022
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Deep Fried Burgers Have Entered Cairo's Food Scene With Deyer's

Deep fried what now?

Scene Eats

If you've ever wanted to test the limits of your gallbladder then Deyer’s is the name you need to be put on your radar. The new burger spot stands out because their burgers are unlike any other burgers. Their burgers are deep fried.

Yup, you read that absolutely right. What’s better than a burger? A deep fried one, duuh! Imagine two mammoth-like burger patties, beef bacon, onions, cheese that are deep fried for you to consume like a She-Hulk. That is exactly what the Dokki restaurant provides. 

You can find Deyer’s on El Galaa Square where you can have a go and see whether deep fried burgers are your thing or not. We suspect they might just be your new obsession.