Friday December 1st, 2023
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Del Sol: South American Coffee in the Heart of West Cairo

Del Sol Espresso Bar & Bakery is the morning-after bar all the cool girls hang at after Greta Gerwig movie marathons.

Layla Raik

Del Sol Espresso Bar and Bakery is the Sheikh Zayed spot gracing us with artistic coffee brews and perfectly flaky pastries, with just the right amount of effortless aesthetic for your Instagram (not that you care, of course).

As a South-American-themed cafe, it’s no surprise that Del Sol take their coffee seriously. The state-of-the-art espresso bar has everything you want and more - from the flavoured Glitter Latte (yes, glitter) to the mighty macchiato and the exotic leva shot. Del Sol also makes a mean espresso tonic for our hardcore coffee fiends, with the option to have either V60 or origami-filtered coffee. 

Del Sol’s season-specific menu is the missing piece to your Pinterest dream board this pumpkin season. Their freshly baked breakfast goodies are laden with seasonal herbs and their bistro-style salads and sandwiches are made with the highest quality seasonal ingredients, since the cafe refuses to let go of the natural freshness of their ingredients all year round.

Less of a menu and more of a guideline, Del Sol allows you to explore the depths of their culinary dexterity with various concoctions of absolutely delicious salads, sandwiches and fresh juices and cocktails. 

For post-lunch activities (or pre-, we won’t judge), the eatery’s coffee mousse is the glue holding our lives together at this point, if you’re not that lucky, their seasonal fruits variation is just as good. You can also opt for the photogenic babka or the too-cool-for-you brioche muffins (unless you’re a true cool girl, in which case they are adequately cool for you).

You can visit Del Sol at The Lane, Palm Hills or enjoy their coffee every day from 10 AM to 5 PM at Ubistro, Zamalek.