Friday May 24th, 2024
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Downtown Katameya is Stamping Taste Buds With Global Cuisines

What was that Jules Verne book called? ‘Around The World in 80 Bites’? Yeah…sounds about right.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

Downtown Katameya is Stamping Taste Buds With Global Cuisines

Is your wanderlust hitting extra hard this February? Is that one trip sentenced to life inside the groupchat? Did your bank account call you broke when you tried booking that ticket to Rome? Well, a good trip is a state of mind, and while Downtown Katameya Mall doesn’t quite have the legal authority to stamp your passport, stamping your tastebuds is a whole other story, and one that is just as fulfilling - in more ways than one.

From Chinese classics to spiced-up Lebanese culinary excursions, all throughout February, Downtown Katameya has planned a mouthwatering month-long world tour without the baggage claim. Over the course of nine foodie stops, the New Cairo destination has issued a culinary passport that’ll have you around the (proverbial) world in 80 bites.

Lined up with exclusive discounts for Downtown Katameya’s culinary venues, you can pick up your passport at the mall’s booth at entrance two and get those tastebuds stamped with flavour. What’s on the itinerary you might ask? Well, for that we’d say keep scrolling…


Cuisine: Lebanese

Bringing authentic Lebanese flavours to New Cairo, Layal is all about Levantine recipes long beloved. From Mana’ish to Arayes and Lebanese shawarma, Layal has mastered the craft.


Cuisine: Egyptian

Support local tourism, yes? Serving up classic Egyptian sandwiches with an elevated twist, Doos brings together the best of Egyptian street food in an high end setting.

Ralph’s German Bakery

Cuisine: German  

A German breakfast? Ja, bitte. Schwarzwälder sandwiches and a variety of ‘wurst’ infused pastries in tow, you’ll feel like you just woke up in Berlin. 

900 degrees

Cuisine: Italian

A wood-fire-flavoured taste of Napoli, 900 degrees is serving up some sizzling Neapolitan pizzas and other Italian classics, with signature specialties such as the capricciosa pizza and lobster pasta.

Oya lounge 

Cuisine: International 

Can’t settle on a single cuisine? Oya lounge has it all. From frutti di mare pizzas, beef stroganoff, and chicken curry all the way to oriental Egyptian classics, Oya caters to all tastes.


Cuisine: Lebanese

Another Lebanese classic, Olives is a self-proclaimed every day escape where Lebanese flavours reign supreme. With fountain views and their signature ‘Hummus Bil Kebbeh’, you will indeed want to spend the whole day.


Cuisine: Chinese 

Celebrating over 60 years of being in Egypt, Peking is as authentically Chinese as it gets. Our personal recommendation? The beef potatoes with mushroom and chilli. You’re welcome.

Mori sushi 

Cuisine: Japanese

Needing no introduction, Mori Sushi has long been our go-to for sushi dates. Oh, and in case you haven’t had the pleasure of an encounter with their Miso soup, this is your sign. 

Brioche Dorée 

Cuisine: French

En français, s’il vous plaît. A good ol’ French café and bistro we all know and love, Brioche Dorée is where to go when your tea-spilling sessions over food  just require that extra oomph.