Friday December 1st, 2023
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EatHeal Promise Healthy Meals That Are Good for Body & Soul

‘EatHeal’ is a meal subscription service helping you embrace your self-love and self-care goals.

Kurt Galalah

So, we're almost halfway through 2022 – and what a year it has been so far, tbh – and while most of us put ‘getting healthier’ on our list of New Year’s resolutions earlier this year (which are now collecting dust in the corner of our rooms), most of us tend to uhhh…forget to stick to them. That’s where EatHeal come in – a brand that offer healthy meal subscription services and  nutritional plans – founded by nutrition consultant  and founder Rehab Abd El Meguid.

The service offers a wide variety of meals depending on people’s needs such as plant-based programmes, keto, diabetic-friendly plans, gluten-free plans, weight-loss and lean weight gain programmes for those gym buffs out there. EatHeal also offer freezer-friendly meals that can be bought in bulk.

“What makes our brand stand out from others is the way we do our service,” Abd El Meguid tells SceneEats. “We become a part of our customers’ lives, not only by providing healthy food nutrition plans and advice, but we also stand by our customers until they reach their goals.”

To keep it interesting, the meals rotate every month, to make sure their customers won’t get bored and lose track of their health goalz. In the future, EatHeal plan to offer more programmes, like a workplace wellness programme, and want to make their products widely available.

EatHeal also serve a collection of healthy baked goods, like gluten-free cookies, muffins, crackers and bread.