Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Eftekasat of the Year: The Hottest Concoctions of 2023 at A Glance

Looking back on our highs and lows, our koshary soups and 25-flavour basbousas.

Layla Raik

Eftekasat of the Year: The Hottest Concoctions of 2023 at A Glance

In the Chinese zodiac, 2023 was the year of the rabbit. Going in, that seemed like a good omen, a year of sweet fluffy bunnies and coquette bows and everything wholesome. Now, looking back, we recognise that ‘rabbit’ meant actual wild rabbits, the unsettlingly large ones that send chills down our spines. Perhaps we’re being a bit too judging of the rabbit and our apprehensions are just that, nonsensical apprehensions, but one thing is certain: 2023 is more than what we bargained for; in life, and by extension, in food. 

So we decided to reflect. To look back on the moments that made this year so… eccentric. Compiled below is a sort of 2023 highlight reel, a roundup of moments, strangely appetising or just weird, that gave this year, well, flavour. 

In chronological order, here are the most peculiar culinary ‘eftekasat’ of 2023:

Boba Bear Releases Boba Om Ali

The only way to describe Boba Om Ali is that it’s off-putting in the way that prevents you from ever letting it go – like an accident you can’t take your eyes off of or a particularly hard-to-leave situationship. The brown sugar boba perfectly compliments the unfaltering creaminess of the Om Ali, so, despite the slightly squeamish texture clash, it’s hard to hold back. 

New Cairo’s Berro’s Brasserie Makes Koshary Soup

Berro’s has configured new means for us to indulge in the cult-classic favourite meal - koshary - without having to down four bottles of water after in an attempt to circumvent the carb-load bloating. The creamy concoction uses gnocchi for the base, adding a slightly Italian twist to the experimental recipe.

Momochi Makes Sobia Boba With a Side of Basbousa & Qeshta Mochi

Momochi took it upon themselves to travel forward through the Ramadan dessert space-time continuum, dodging Metzahla’ahs left and right, to introduce various Ramadanified mochi concoctions. From Basbousa Qeshta to Konafa Mango and all the way to the classic pistachio, the Asian-Egyptian dessert combos were for the history books. 

Cloud Bakery Fornalia Celebrates Ramadan with Konafa Croissants

Amidst Ramadan’s Konaffa shenanigans - and the myriad of sweet concoctions flooding every o’zoomah - cloud bakery Fornalia gave Konafa (Ramadan’s diva) the ultimate French girl glam.

Basbosty Releases Over 25 Flavours of Basboosa

Basbosty crafts an extensive array of over twenty options. From the Lotus-infused basbousa to the luscious mango and strawberry varieties, Basbosty's creative repertoire knows no bounds.

CULT Introduces Oreo Croissants to Their Menu

Forget skimpy drizzles that barely tint a pastry’s flavour, this croissant has Oreo blended into its very core, establishing a powerful palate that takes foodies on nostalgic trips in a few bites. You might want to follow that up with a Detox Latte, though.

Abdel Rahim Koueider Releases 'Not Fried Chicken’ Ice Cream

With all the crunch and none of the grease, meat, spices, or actual bird whose legs we frequently fry, Abdel Rahim Koueider's latest menu addition, the aptly named 'Not Fried Chicken' ice cream, promised to deceive both eyes and taste buds.

Phill’In Cheesesteaks Deep Fries Twinkies

The prospect of subjecting our baby Twinkies to the fiery depths of a deep fryer was an audacious enough endeavour to pique our collective curiosity, but one we appreciate nonetheless. 

Willy’s Kitchen Drops ‘Cream’ and ‘Cola’ House-Made Sodas

In response to the ongoing boycotts targeting major F&B corporations linked to the Zionist occupation, Egypt's Willy's Kitchen took direct action. Since then, the soda has made trickled into our daily koshk rotation and university cafeterias, as controversial as it may be. 

B Laban Drops Ta'ameyya Ice Cream

Serving up pistachio ice-cream in the form of a classic Egyptian Ta’ameyya, the saccharine purveyors at B Laban scoop up a generous chunk of ice cream, roll it around like Ta’ameyya dough, dip it in…well, something green, coat it in biscuit crumbs, top it off with some white sprinkles, and serve (in more ways than one).