Tuesday March 21st, 2023
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Egypt’s Favourite Burger Joint Mince Just Got an Epic New Menu

*breathes heavily*

Staff Writer

Anyone who has living on the earth will know that a meticulous balance between a juicy patty, a toasted bun, fresh produce, oozing cheese, and rich condiments are essential to construct the world’s greatest burger. If you forgo one of these elements, then go make your grilled cheese sandwich and kill yourself. It’s no secret that Mince understands this ultimate burger art form, and they have just launched a brand spanking new menu to prove it.

From mouth-watering appetisers, to sweets that look like they’re straight out of a food porn mag, and a whole new selection of sliders - which could pass as an entire menu alone. By expanding their menu to include appetisers, a wide range of burgers, sandwiches, and dessert, we no longer have to order from three different restaurants!

Keeping their original favourites for those of us who stayed loyal, this fine establishment has expanded their burger menu and, obviously, it’s for all of us who can’t make do with choosing less than three meals for dinner. Now we can get one Juicy Lucy cheese filled burger, along with a Four-Chilli Burger - for our daily spice fix, and an extra Sausage burger into throw in your mate’s mouth to stop him judging you for eating more than one burger.

Anyhow, now that you’ve asserted your dominance, we encourage you to lean back in your chair, like a boss, and slowly drop one of Mince’s deep fried shrimps, marinated with tartar sauce and sriracha mayo, into your mouth. Because that’s the only way you should be waiting for your burger to arrive. As if deep fried shrimps weren’t enough, Mince has added a whole bunch of other scrumptious appetisers such as loaded nachos and loaded onion rings smothered in cheese, is there anything they can’t load?

The burger joint hasn’t forgotten about our worldly ways and our insatiable appetite for international food, adding in Chicken Tandoori burgers, Sticky Asian Wings, and Baked Potatoes with an option for chilli corn topping.

In the sweets department, Mince is introducing dessert skillets for all of the times we’ve just wanted to eat those brownies straight out of the tray, but then got yelled at – by a proper adult – for doing so. They’ve also added some heavenly classics like apple pie with ice cream and chocolate soufflé.

At this point, we can hear your heavy breathing. Have no fear, child, for you can forget all of your inhibitions and rush to your closest Mince joint for a slice of all things made in burger heaven.

Check out their Facebook page for more info!

*The contents of this article are sponsored.