Tuesday May 21st, 2024
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Sheikh Zayed Dreamin': El 7anafeya and 3al Tawla to Join Forces this Ramadan

El 7anafeya will be taking over 3al tawla tent and tingling our taste-buds with a side of entertainment this ramadan.

Staff Writer

Sheikh Zayed Dreamin': El 7anafeya and 3al Tawla to Join Forces this Ramadan

As tradition goes, when Ramadan approaches, Ro2a2 suddenly comes back into our lives; Konafas get all sorts of weird-ass sugary goodness injected into them; and - most importantly - we find ourselves spending hours on end perpetually distressed by the prospect of picking the wrong Ramadan kheima for our late night meanderings. Well, fear no more, El 7anafeya, The Tap's signature Ramadan kheima, is back this season to put an end to our dilemma, only this year it's going to be bigger than ever.

Don't you navigate to The Tap West just yet, because this year, El 7anafeya is taking over 3al Tawla tent at Galleria 40 to give us an unprecedented Ramadan experience. 3al Tawla is one of Cairo's oldest and most established kheimas. And El 7anafeya will be handling the tent by providing us sohours with omelette stations, fool stations and more. We've already tried and gotten hooked on their infamous chicken wings so we're excited to dab into those as well for our midnight feast. And you know what else El 7anafeya does best? You guessed that right, ENTERTAINMENT. Kicking Ramadan off with none other than the legendary Hakim taking to the stage this Saturday night, El 7anafeya has a long list of the city's best entertainers lined-up throughout the month to make your after-Iftar chillaxing all the more fabulous.

Stand-up comedy acts, acoustic bands, tribute bands; you name it, they have it (during the week that is_. For weekends, special treats are due. Aside from Hakim, expect the likes of Sha3by virtuosos Oka & Ortega, Massar Egbari, and West El-Balad blasting their biggest hits. Who said Ramadan can't be fun?

Reveling in that one hell of a Ramadan experience will set you back EGP 200++ on weekdays and EGP 235++  on weekends.

Reservations on 01000 37 1444  or  01000 37 7885

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