Friday February 23rd, 2024
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El Korba's Fahmy Makes Fresh Turkish Sweets & Ottoman Pastes

The colour wheel just got a whole lot sweeter.

Layla Raik

Standing tall in a classic Turkish vest and customary ‘tarboush’, a certain sweet-toothed Fahmy caught our eye with his colour wheel of sickly sweet treats on Korba’s Baghdad street (rhyme absolutely intended). Upon further inspection, what we thought was a mirage turned out to be an actual one-man-cart serving classic Ottoman toffee paste, otherwise known as Macun.

Originally used medicinally to treat the ill with a sugary twist, Macun has since evolved into a Turkish dessert staple on every street in Istanbul (or Constantinople – we’re not sure why it got the works either). Served in a vibrant colour wheel, the chewy dessert comes in a variety of flavours utilising local herbs and spices – all absolutely delicious. 

On your next romantic stroll through the historical streets of Korba, keep an eye out for the sweet treats of Fahmy!