Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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El Lido Just Reopened in its Old Zamalek Spot

The burger is back.

Staff Writer

Although there are various disputes over the 'best burger' in Egypt, anyone who knows anything knows it's not really a dispute at all; the undisputed hero of burgers is the unassuming 'Burger El Nadi' that was, and still is, served up in the Lido area of Zamalek's Gezirah Sporting Club. It's small, it's topped with tehina, it's got that smokey homemade charcoal-y feel, and it tastes like our childhood.

So when a few years ago, inspired by this miracle of all burgers, Zamalek spot El Lido opened up, serving up a reincarnation of the iconic dish, Egyptians collectively rejoiced. The tiny, laid-back Zamalek eatery channeled the authentically unique flavour of the original burger, and was constantly packed. And then it shut down and sadness reigned supreme. But now, the restaurant is officially back open - in its original Zamalek spot, no less (32 Shagaret El Dor Street). 

Their menu doesn't promise the moon; they make six things and they nail them all. Naturally, their burger is the protagonist of this menu, but they also make some mean homemade potato chips, and their slushies are bomb. They're open from 11 AM to 2 AM. We don't know what you'll be doing this evening, but we'll be binge eating burgers.

You can find out more about ElLido on their Facebook page.