Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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El Miniawy Has Been Perfecting Egyptian Desserts since 1982

From OG classics, to doughy baked goodness, El Miniawy does it all.

Zeina Ali

With all the thousands of cake shops and dessert spots taking different spins on the classics or concocting cosmically elaborate ideas opening up in Egypt, sometimes we just miss the OG flavours of classic basbousa and good ol’ simple man’s konafa. El Miniawy is the patisserie for that very mission. 

El Miniawy is for the classic kick-back kinda nights where you’re simply just nostalgic for mama’s basbousa. Having been doing their thing since 1982, they make all the classics we know and love like basbousa, konafa, balah el sham, atayef, zalabya, and literally just about anything old school and Egyptian you can dream up. If you’re feeling edgy, they have just the thing for you too with gateaux options like cheesecakes, eclairs, profiteroles. If that isn’t enough for you, they also have a bakery portion where they cook up all sorts of feteer, pates, croissant, baton salee, and even toast. 

El Miniawy is currently located in Zaqaziq, Cairo as well as two branches in the Sharkeya governorate.