Friday September 29th, 2023
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Expand Your Asian Food Horizons at New Maadi Eatery 'Discovery Asia'

Asian food stans in Maadi, rejoice.

Kurt Galalah

There's no shortage of Asian restaurants in Maadi, not only does it have a little Chinatown and Koreatown, but a new joint keeps opening up every week. This week's restaurant is Discovery Asia. 

Located in the heart of New Maadi, the Pan-Asian eatery dishes out all your iconic favs and then some. We're talking Mongolian beef, pad Thai, chop suey, sweet & sour and the list goes on. 

The Mongolian beef at Discovery Asia

What shines in Discovery Asia's menu is that they make all kinds of Chinese noodles -- from crispy to glass, egg and everything in between. 

Oh, and there's more! For some reason, Discovery Asia has decided to bless all their customers with 25% off on all orders until the end of the year. Fun.