Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Experimental Twists on Traditional Baked Goods With New Cairo’s Mel

If your late night tendencies include concocting makeshift sandwiches at 2 AM then Egypt’s Mel might just be for you.

Farida El Shafie

Experimental Twists on Traditional Baked Goods With New Cairo’s Mel

You’re not entirely strange for stuffing your two-day old croissants with a concoction of cold cuts and cream cheeses you coaxed out of the crevices of your fridge at 2 AM. In fact, some would refer to that form of artisanal ‘hanger’ satiation, ingenuity. Much like your trailblazing tendencies and ingenious early morning creations, local bakery Mel took to classic pastries to birth a selection of unique twists on some of your favourite traditional baked goods. 

However, unlike your amorphous turkey burgers and stuffed stale scones, Mel’s treats are akin to those you see on monarchical shows and fantastical Pinterest boards. Think cream-filled mille-feuille, nutella and lotus cronuts as well as an endless array of mini sandwiches stuffed with pecans and arugula salad. Paired with a scolding hot pot of earl grey tea, and lined vertically atop your crystal sand castle of kitchen accoutrements (i.e a cake stand) Mel’s pastries serve to upscale your solo Sunday dates and weekend brunches. 

When workdays are igniting a fuse to your patience and raw, unfiltered caffeine is only further fueling the fire, a freshly-baked multigrain croissant brimming with smoked salmon, pickled cucumber and crisply cut onions might just be what you need to re-invigorate your soul.