Sunday May 19th, 2024
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FIRST LOOK: Cilantro Mohandiseen’s ALL NEW Revamp

Sink your teeth into a muffin (or two) at this hyper-modern-uber-nostalgic version of Cilantro…

Riham Issa

FIRST LOOK: Cilantro Mohandiseen’s ALL NEW Revamp

In the brisk early hours of the morning, caught in the congested streets of Mohandiseen during our work commute, an impromptu detour to the nearest @Cilantro.Cafe for a much-needed caffeine fixation unveiled a serendipitous discovery. The classic Mohandiseen branch of the Egyptian local coffee brand with its signature yellow cup has undergone a charming remodel. The quirky coffee shop’s new design exudes an Insta-worthy aesthetic all coloured in rich browns and muted pastels that draw you into a soothing ambience, one where you’re invited to chill with the gang over a cup of Toffee Nut Latte and perhaps a slice of Tiramisu as a treat.

Ever since it first emerged within the heart of Zamalek in 2000, Cilantro has been the go-to place for a quick cup of coffee, positioning itself as one of Egypt’s first homegrown coffee shop chains, and growing ever larger over the years, giving us a space to have those awkward first dates, to hang out with our friends, or to write that last-minute essay armed only with the store’s wifi and a plate of Roast Turkey Royale. Whether we’re in high school arguing over the last episode of Lost, or well out of college and still arguing over the last episode of Game of Thrones, Cilantro’s hospitable atmosphere has been inviting us to tune in and tune out across just about every neighbourhood in Egypt throughout the decades, with 77 branches and counting. Think of this revamp as a new era per say; one that allows you to pave paths for new memories…

By delivering some of the most convenient premium cups of coffee in Egypt, Cilantro aims to create human connections that cater to everyone’s appetite for life. As a testament to the importance of these very same human connections, Cilantro’s ‘Make a Difference’ campaign has successfully raised EGP 800,000 to aid Palestinians in Gaza.